Curse of the Demon Tree


I am not going to be a "hero" one day.



The story that I hear about people that started a business or pursued a dream is always a story of desperation. They were homeless, or they were laid off, or their family member got sick. They had some extreme circumstance that pushed them to a place where they either had to make it happen or they wouldn't make it.


My story is one where I could be just fine (and then some) if I stayed at this current job and saved my overtime money. That would be a "comfortable" life. So I could keep working 13 to 15 hour shifts, and then retire early, but I'd likely have a few heart attacks or a stroke along the way.


I'd rather spend 13 to 15 hours a day doing what I love and work until I'm 80 instead of dreading the Monday morning and chanting: "Just keep toughing it out." to myself until I die of a heart attack.


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