Curse of the Demon Tree


Ando Ehlers



The world of art is endless. It offers countless mediums and opportunities to express oneself. For Ando Ehlers, drawing and creating music are more than a hobby. Art and creativity is Ando's life.


Ando Ehlers' journey began in the early 2000s, where he performed with various punk rock bands in Milwaukee WI. His love of art grew daily, and after obtaining his nursing license he spent several years working travel contracts as an RN and performing a solo act with his accordion that he dubbed "Death Polka." This project took Ando traveling across the United States and Europe. When he wasn't working at his contract jobs, he was playing his accordion. When he wasn't performing his solo sets, he was performing as an accordion player for other bands. Ando lived and breathed music and live performance for ten years. Death Polka released a total of three individual records, two split records, made hundreds of live performances, and was involved in the creation of multiple other artists' releases.


In 2014, Ando found the inspiration to tell his stories through visual art and writing. He worked on hundreds of drawings, and eventually released his first book series from 2015 to 2016 titled "Maggots in the Moonlight" discussing some of his most bizarre and morbid encounters in the medical industry. The response to his work was polarizing. Readers called his pieces everything from "brilliant" to "a disgusting desecration of death."


2019 celebrated a rebirth in Ando's creativity. He began his new project, Demon Tree Media, and within less than one hundred days of its creation had made his own book called "The Masks of the Manipulator" and illustrated a children's book titled "Can You Trust a Fart?" He also started a weekly YouTube show discussing creativity while filming his drawing process.


Demon Tree Media's mission is to explore storytelling with art and music. As a dedicated community servant in nursing, a seasoned traveler from his years in the music industry, and an eye for the bizarre with his creatures and stories, Ando needs no muse as he creates and shares art daily.


Beware the Curse of the Demon Tree. Glumpert is watching.